Critical Race Theory (Haltinner, Scofield & Grindal)

December 06, 2021 00:55:57
Annex Sociology Podcast
Critical Race Theory (Haltinner, Scofield & Grindal)

Show Notes

In this episode of The Annex, Daniel Morrison discusses Critical Race Theory with three faculty from the University of Idaho, where legislators banned teaching a range of concepts related to research on racism. These bans bear directly on their academic responsibilities. Kristin Haltinner is an Associate Professor of Sociology, and Director of the Academic Certificate Program in Diversity and Inclusion. Matthrew Grindal is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Culture, Society, and Justice. Rebecca Scofield is Associate Professor and Chair of History.

Photo Credit. University of Idaho Panorama, c. 1915. by Steve Shook –, CC BY 2.0,

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