Human Work in an Automated Future (Benjamin Shestakofsky)

April 04, 2018 00:24:55
Annex Sociology Podcast
Human Work in an Automated Future (Benjamin Shestakofsky)

Show Notes

We discuss how humans can retain relevance in a fast-automating future.

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The Sokal Squared Hoax and Researcher Misconduct

Joe, Leslie, Gabriel, and Brian McCabe (Georgetown University) discuss recent charges against Portland State philosopher Peter Boghossian for researcher misconduct for failing to clear his Sokal Squared hoax with his school's institutional review board. ...


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The German Sociological Divide (Thomas Scheffer)

This week, The Annex discusses a cleavage in German sociology that resulted in the formation of the Academy of Sociology, an organization that splintered from the German Sociological Association in a spat that involved questions of scientific rigor in sociology. Here's the back story: Background This summer, Philip Cohen from the University of Maryland tweeted: To be a social science discipline sociology needs to adopt standards for transparency and reproducibility. All science is moving this way. Some parts of the discipline can't or won't. This may solidify qual/quant as science/notscience & I'm not sure the discipline can survive it— Philip N Cohen (@familyunequal) August 13, 2019 Stephen Vaisey of Duke University commented: I don't think this maps onto qual/quant neatly, but I think sociology could survive a split. Fields have done it (e.g., anthro). And others have few institutionalized subfields (e.g., PS). No reason to force us all to live in the same "house" *if* we are pursuing different goals.— Stephen Vaisey (@vaiseys) August 14, 2019 This tweet generated multiple, very interesting reactions, including this one from Fabian Ochsenfeld. In Germany, we now have two sociological associations, @DGSoziologie and @akadsoz. Orientation to theory and replication standards were explicitly mentioned as reasons to split (qual/quant not, but there's a correlation). @socannex— Fabian Ochsenfeld (@FOchsenfeld) August 21, 2019 ...


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A Masculine Cure for Toxic Masculinity? (Marybeth Stalp)

Today, The Annex discusses a recent article in Harper's, which describes a commercial male retreat that is designed to address the ill effects of toxic masculinity. Our guest today is Marybeth Stalp from the University of Northern Iowa. We are also joined by special guest host Sarah Patterson from the University of Michigan. Photo Credit By Sarahmirk - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link ...